Free ePUB books from the Spanish National Library

The first collections of works converted to ePub format are available from Biblioteca Nacional de España (BNE), in the Biblioteca Digital Hispánica, for free downloading.

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This ongoing project involves the provision of some 700 works in ePub format and, for this purpose, not only works of literature and language have been selected, but also of history, geography, medicine, biographies, travel … and a collection of and about women in which a research group of the UCM has participated and which is already available. For this collection, titles of Rosalía de Castro, Emilia Pardo Bazán, Carmen de Burgos, Hildegart or Concepción Arenal have been selected, as well as works such as A Portrait of a Woman (Un retrato de mujer) by José Selgas, The Emancipation of the Woman (La emancipación de la mujer) by Jacques Novicow or The woman of the whole world (La mujer de todo el mundo) by Alejandro Sawa.

Also available are literature works of the nineteenth and twentieth century: Valle-Inclán, Lorca, Alarcón, Valera, Carolina Coronado … and many other authors whose work is in public domain.

The objective of this project is twofold: to offer new access formats to the digitized collections of the BNE, and to generate through the conversion to ePub process, new data sets, clean and structured, which can be useful for the improvement of searches or the application of digital textual analysis tools.